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The SKIDER Development Ecosystem

SKIDER is a system development kit for unmanned systems. SKIDER provides means to quickly develop drone solutions with a high degree of automation and integration into the customer process. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced development effort
  • Flight platform independent development
  • Improved communication capabilities

Extensive Features

Simple Control

Intuitive control with touch sensitive input device for operator and pilot

Seamless Integration

Flight platform, payload and control are ideally integrated into your workflow

Redundant Communication Links

Multiple parallel data links guarantee reliable and high bitrate data communication

Encrypted Communication

Encrypted data traffic offers maximum protection against misuse and guarantees data protection

Standard Data Formats

Provision of geo-referenced data in standardized formats (e.g. STANAG 4609, GeoTiff) allow direct post processing

High Degree of Automation

Reduction of workload, precision and additional security are achieved by automated waypoint planning, collision avoidance and auto landing


Open interfaces allow the integration of new sensors to enable further applications with risking system integrity

Scientifically sound Technologies

Control-, mobility- and communication concepts are results of intensive research work

SKIDER - Mobile

SKIDER Mobile is a powerful hardware and software extension of flight electronics. It has physical and software interfaces to the flight controller and to any sensor. SKIDER Mobile can either be integrated as an add on box mounted on an existing flight platform or as OEM hardware that is integrated into the flight platform design. SKIDER Mobile is powered through the SKIDER Operation System (OS).

SKIDER - Ground

SKIDER Ground is a powerful hardware and software information hub for unmanned systems. It provides physical interfaces to any backend software and user interfaces. In addition, it manages SKIDER Link connections to one or more drones equipped with SKIDER Mobile. SKIDER Ground provides geo referenced sensor data to the end user through SKIDER-UI and many software interfaces.


SKIDER UI enables easy control and management of the drone system. SKIDER UI is multi-user capable and can be used on almost any device including tablets, mobiles or PCs. SKIDER UI allows remote access to the drone system (e.g. for a control center).


The innovative SKIDER Link communication systems connects SKIDER Mobile to SKIDER Ground. SKIDER Link utilizes an arbitrary number of communication technologies. The innovative and efficient multi-link scheduling provides increased reliability, data rate and range. It currently utilizes communication links like WiFi, XBee 868 MHz and LTE.

SKIDER is Extensible

SKIDER provides ready to use software for many sensors, flight platforms and use cases. However, as we believe that easy extensibility is the key to truly amazing drone applications, SKIDER offers many extensibility options.