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What is SKIDER?

SKIDER is an extension and development platform for drone applications. SKIDER has its strength where existing systems reach their limits. SKIDER enables application-aware control of flight platforms for result based data acquisition.

SKIDER optimally combines the capabilities of the flight platform with the sensor system in order to maximize the effectiveness of the overall system. SKIDER seamlessly integrates various sensors and enables waypoint-based payload control, geo-referencing for the acquired data and real-time transmission to the ground. The systems consists of customized hard- and software for aerial platforms, an innovative multilink communication system and a dedicated ground station.


SKIDER Pilot is a complete solution for the development of industrial drone applications.




SKIDER Link is a highly reliable and secure communication solution for command and control as well as payload data.


Consulting and Research

Based on many years of experience in the UAV sector as well as an internationally recognized background in scientific research, we offer our expertise for challenging engineering solutions.

Consulting & Research


TakeOff with startport Accelerator

For the further development and establishment of our solutions in the fields of inspection, security and logistics, we receive support from the accelerator startport in Duisburg.

Within the network of startport and the port of Duisburg we want to apply and test our solutions and approaches in concrete projects. For one year we are affiliated to the network of Startport. We can use the workspace in the Werhahnm├╝hle and the participate and various workshops.

Startport has set itself the goal of promoting startups with its network and partners from industry and consulting. This approach fits very well with our current plans and goals.

We are convinced that the collaboration and the startport team will give us valuable impulses.