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What is SKIDER?

SKIDER is an extension and development platform for drone applications. SKIDER has its strength where existing systems reach their limits. SKIDER enables application-aware control of flight platforms for result based data acquisition.

SKIDER optimally combines the capabilities of the flight platform with the sensor system in order to maximize the effectiveness of the overall system. SKIDER seamlessly integrates various sensors and enables waypoint-based payload control, geo-referencing for the acquired data and real-time transmission to the ground. The systems consists of customized hard- and software for aerial platforms, an innovative multilink communication system and a dedicated ground station.


SKIDER Pilot is a complete solution for the development of industrial drone applications.




SKIDER Link is a highly reliable and secure communication solution for command and control as well as payload data.


Consulting and Research

Based on many years of experience in the UAV sector as well as an internationally recognized background in scientific research, we offer our expertise for challenging engineering solutions.

Consulting & Research


SKDIER Link for Drone Tracking at Dronemasters 2018

On August 26th 2018 in the world’s only marathon for industrial drones, teams from Germany and Europe came together for DRONEMASTERS Dronathon. Within the Dronathon-challenge, the sUAS have to perform the flight automated without pilot intervention and follow a predefined track. The sUAS platforms had to master the classic marathon distance of 42,195 km.

In order to ensure a fair and safe competition, the flight tracks of sUAS had to be monitored as accurately and with the smallest delay possible. The organizers therefore had to find solutions to the following questions:

1. How to reliably track the airborne drones in-flight?

2. How to assure correct flight path coverage and geofencing for such an urban mission profile?

In principle, and on a larger scale in future scenarios, these challenges have to be solved for every UAS Traffic Management (UTM) system, since surveillance and tracking is considered as a fundamental component of UTM systems, and therefore is consequently understood as an early component of the evolution phases – e.g. phase U2 - of U-SPACE in Europe. The UTM system needs suitable hardware to capture and transmit locations, trajectories and telemetry of sUAS.

The full report can be found here: