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SKIDER Link offers a bi-directional, redundant and encrypted data link between pilot, operator and data analysts. SKIDER Link works with almost any drone platform on the market. Depending on the degree of integration you require, SKIDER Link can be transparent to your existing applications or could be used to geo-reference payload data during flight and transmit it to several ground locations.

SKIDER Link Key Features

Redundant Communication Links

Combination of long range command and control (868MHz) with high date rate transmission (2.4GHz) and LTE (upon request for SKIDER Link Pro)

Robust and Encrypted Communication

Encrypted data traffic offers maximum protection against misuse and guarantees data protection

Automated Technolgy and Channel selection

Intelligent algorithms determine the best link technology for each data packet and avoide interference caused by DJI Lightbridge or RC transmitters to reduce link loss

Universal Sensor SDK

The Universial Sensor SDK allows to connect arbitrary sensors to SKIDER Link. USB, Ethernet and Serial conections are supported.

Configurable data sink for payload data

SD-card, network share, cloud service (except SKIDER Link Light). Ground Unit has an Ethernet interface for direct MAVLink connectivity and network based data sinks.

Onboard payload data buffering

In case of insufficient data rate or link loss, payload data is buffered on the platform. It is transmitted as soon as sufficient communication capabilities are restored. No data will be lost.

In-Flight Geo-Referencing and payload transmission

For selected sensors (e.g. Images, Video, Serial streams) payload data can be geo-referenced during flight and transmitted to several ground sinks including local storage or cloud services. 

Wide Range of Supported Platforms

SKDIER Link is compatible with any MAVLink controller (e.g. Pixhawk, PX4) and DJI controller N3 & A3. In the transparent mode it is even more versatile and can serve as a serial wireless bridge for literally any platform and message format.

SKIDER Link Product Variations

FunctionsCNPCCNPC & PayloadCNPC & Payload
Multi-Link2.4 GHz, 868 MHz2.4 GHz, 868 MHz2.4 GHz, 868 MHz, 3G, 4G
Suitable for RTK GNSS (RTCM) Data LinkYesYesYes
Interfaces1 x Serial (TTL)2 x Serial (TTL), USB2 x Serial (TTL), USB, HDMI
RangeUp to 3 kmUp to 3 kmUp to 3 km, unlimited
Weight (air module)80 g80 g150 g