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Drone Development Kit

Unmanned aerial vehicles have become indispensable in many application areas. Currently the potential of possible applications is not fully exploited. Due to the high integration effort, only isolated applications solutions for specific applications in which selected aircraft manufacturers integrate a small number of possible sensors into their aircraft exist. Thereby, a lot of application potential remains unused.

At the same time, existing solutions are insufficiently addressing secure and redundant remote data transmission. This is especially important if sensitive user and control data is transmitted. In addition, the context-sensitive use of the payload in combination with a high degree of automation to increase efficiency is merely implemented.

The goal of SKIDER is to increase the versatility and usability of unmanned aerial vehicles. SKIDER pursues the approach of being manufacturer-independent with regard to the aircraft and the payload.

The SKIDER Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control and Communication System fulfills three essential tasks:

  1.     Payload and operational control of the aircraft
  2.     Connection and control of the payload sensor
  3.     Redundant and secure data communication for control and payload data

SKIDER provides interfaces to the aircraft, payload and data communication and closes the technological gap. SKIDER acts as a link between aircraft manufacturers, sensor manufacturers and users. In addition, SKIDER has its own innovative communication system, which encrypts and redundantly transmits control and payload data. Because to the direct connection to the aircraft and the payload, SKIDER is able to process data already obtained in the air and, if necessary, to optimize flight paths during the flight. This creates a high level of automation with reduced workload for the controller.